Holy Nativity Church & School in Honolulu Proudly Present:


A video game development competition to make a positive impact on children   through core values shared across the world!

Contestant Registration Begins:



~ ONLINE VIDEO GAME DEVELOPMENT  /  August 6th - December 2nd
~ IN-PERSON COMPETITION WEEKEND  /  December 3rd - December 5th
  • Friday ~ 5:30 to 8:00 p.m.  =  Meet & Greet Contestant Mixer
  • Saturday ~ 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. = Test, Debug & Score Contestant Games
  • Sunday ~ 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. = Contestant Game Presentations & Awards Ceremony


1st Place.tif


1st Place

$1,500 Cash Prize


Game with the highest score

2nd Place.tif


2nd Place

$1,000 Cash Prize


Game with the 2nd highest score

4th Place

$250 Cash Prize


Game with the 4th highest score

3rd Place.tif

3rd Place

$500 Cash Prize


Game with the 3rd highest score



Keiki's Choice.png



$250 Cash Prize


Game most liked by young players



Da  Plan

High & Middle School students in Hawaii are invited to develop web-based video games for younger children inspiring them to be better people.

Use your imagination to create an online game using positive core values shared throughout the world!

Illustrated Map
Da  Arena

All video games must be playable for free using a standard Internet browser (Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge).


Contestants may use an online game engine of their choice on a PC, Mac, or Linux platform to develop their game! 

Da  Moves

1) Creative Vision: The extent to which the game shows an innovative, clear, consistent and integrated creative vision across the totality of the experience.

2) Balance: The extent to which the game shows balance in tuning of controls and mechanics and balance of challenge and rewards, level, and progression.


3) Technical Execution: The extent to which the game shows production value and polish, performs well and is free of bugs and other errors, the effectiveness of a PowerPoint presentation of the game, and the degree to which the game is completed and ready for production.

4) Values Theme: The extent to which the game addresses and embodies the "Eleven Positive Values" of faith, hope, love, respect, generosity, diligence, patience, gratitude, humility, temperance, chastity, and the usage of Hawaiian phrases corresponding to these values.

5) Usability: The extent to which the game attracts and sustains elementary or pre-Kindergarten student players’ attention.

Big Wave

~  Games must be developed by the Individual Contestant Team Contestant members only.  ~

~  Contestants who submit a game developed before Hopeathon Hawaii begins or who violate our code of conduct on our social media sites, in our Discord chat rooms, or in person during Competition Weekend will be disqualified.  ~

Da  Rules

Hopeathon Hawaii is open to individual students or teams of up to four students residing within the Hawaiian Islands (public schools, charter schools, private schools, homeschoolers). Games must be original and developed during this contest only.


Contestants must be aged 11 through 18 on the day the contest ends (December 5, 2021).

Arms Outstretched.jpg

Each student may register online only once as an individual or member of a team and provide a title and description for their game, contact information of a custodial parent/guardian, and the name of their school for the Hopeathon Hawaii Committee to review for approval.


Applicants under the age of 18 must have parent/guardian permission to participate!

Da  Action

Compete in Five Easy Steps:

  1. Before August 5th:  Visit the FAQs Page, Tools Page and Rules Page for important details regarding Hopeathon Hawaii.

  2. Between July 6th and August 5th:  Click on the REGISTER button below to fill out and submit the Registration form.

  3. Between August 6th and December 2nd:  Develop your game using your own computer anywhere you wish. Visit our Tools Page for links to game development tutorials, free online game engines, etc. and join our Discord chat rooms for help from experienced mentors.

  4. Before December 2nd:  Finish developing your game and make travel plans for attending Competition Weekend (1st Friday, Saturday & Sunday in December).

  5. December 3rd through December 5th: Attend Competition Weekend in person to show off your game, get your score, and attend the Awards Ceremony.


Sponsorship of Five Levels:

Platinum Level Sponsorship

$5,000 and over

Gold Level Sponsorship

$3,000 - 4,999

Silver Level Sponsorship

$2,000 - $2,999

Bronze Level Sponsorship 

$500 - $999


Attend $50 - 499

 Mahalo for Your Tax Deductible Donation! 


Volunteer Six Different Ways:

  1. Between now and July 5th: maintain our social media sites or advertise/market our event to sponsors.

  2. Between July 6th and August 5th: maintain our social media sites, set up our chat rooms, or advertise/market our event to contestants.

  3. Between August 6th and December 2nd: maintain our social media sites, or monitor our chat rooms and assign mentors.

  4. Before December 2nd:  prepare swag bags, food stations, and set up the rooms for Competition Weekend.

  5. December 3rd through December 5th: support our contestants onsite during Competition Weekend by checking in contestants, passing out swag bags, manning food stations, and clearing the rooms after the Awards Ceremony.

  6. After December 5th: maintain our social media sites and upload contestant video games into our web-based game repository.